Monday, June 23, 2014

Smallmouth bass photos/pics.

These photos were taken a little over a year apart.  Both of them won photo of the week at a local news station.  I got two free travel mugs.  I've taken a lt of fishing pics and a lot have been rough looking.  Part of it is (and I just recently found this out) is that when I take Instagram photos through the app, the pic doesn't look near as nice as just using the regular camera on my phone. I use Aviary to fit photos within instagram or just editing in general.

They aren't all great but I love to share photos.  This year has been a bit tougher.  Last spring and fall, we had a pretty good flush.  Unfortunately, it's changed my streams from how they've been for about the past 4 years.  Every once in awhile, the streams change a bit.  I've had to do some more exploring and hit the streams further out than usual.


  1. Josh, showing pictures of some nice Smalllies' is always a treat. Weather and river changes seem to make the battles more interesting when you hit the water that is for sure. Thanks for sharing your fishing and camera work.

  2. Great looking I love those fish!!

  3. Well done Josh! I'm trying to catch up after realizing I missed some of my favorite blogs. Although I'm a confirmed trout fisherman, I do enjoy a change of pace periodically for some nice bass. Thanks for the photos!