Friday, July 4, 2014

#glassisnotdead - Panfish fly rod

I receive a glass rod from Phillip Butterfield at Average Joe's Fishing Poles.  It's a three piece, 3/4 wgt. 6'3" rod with a cedar grip.  It's the first glass rod that I've casted in ages.  And I Iove it.  The sensitivity reminds me of my ultra light Ugly Stik but so much better.  

I figured fighting panfish would feel like a million bucks but I hadn't thought of catching smallmouth bass on it too.

The guides are also blue.  Upon request, Phillip is now offering rods made from Blue Halo blanks.

I'm glad to be a part of the new interest and grass roots movement in glass rods.  I'm now looking to either purchase a 5 wgt glass rod or have another built.  I would head out to the river but there are loads of people out.  This rod makes the fight much more intense.  The tugs and shakes blow my mind.  When I had a smallmouth take my streamer as I drifted along a log at about 15 feet away, the fight was just amazing.  He pulled and tugged and stayed in the riffles.  The sensitivity made me giddy. I figured he was a larger smallie than he was playing.

Now, I can brag that I have a glass rod and have been playing fat panfish and Ozark smallmouth.

Tight lines, Josh.


  1. Josh, I so envy you as far as this rod choice goes. Phillip makes an awesome fly rod with some of the most beautiful features I have seen. As soon as I can afford it, Awesome Joe's Fishing Poles is getting my money for a "Pond Stalker" model for my personal use.

    1. Trying to get some bluegill flies together but am be too late to target them here. Going o post about Whitlock and his bluegill fly selection.

  2. Welcome to the glass revolution Josh. I dumped all my graphite years ago. You can't beat the sensitivity and casting with a glass rod.