Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fiberglass fly rod on the scout.

Took the glass rod out again today.  Scouting new water again.  It's been an odd year.  Lots of smaller fish than I'm used to catching.  

Coulda done worse I guess.  The streams I waded didn't have much current and are low.  I did find some large spotted bass and smallmouth bass but they were tough.  Most fish were short striking.

I did find a pool of eager 10-12 inch smallmouth though.  They felt pretty darn good on the glass panfish rod. 

Seeing as how I've lost some prime spots lately, I guess I'm just glad to get out and enjoy the weather.  I recently read about the 5 stages of fly fishing.  I will post about them.  I think I may be about stage 5 which is enjoying the outing.  But I may be a 4 which is pursuing other species than your used to chasing.  Purple Crazy Dads and my Shucker pattern were successful but those large bass only seemed interested for a bit. When I play to fish, I use the typical buggers, Clousers, crawdads and poppers.  If I don't land one in around 30 minutes, I move on.  I prefer limestone streams or those with a smaller substrate with pebbles and small boulders with riffles and fallen timber or boulders with pools and runs.  I don't like dirty water which I encountered today.  

Tight lines.


  1. Josh, whatever level you decide you are at, I still enjoy reading of your fishing excursions and the fish you catch. Also, enjoy reading of your patterns that you try. I am going to have to get my hands on a Shucker for an example for me to tie and try on Colorado fish.

  2. Man I need to hop on the glass bandwagon, looks like you guys are having too much fun