Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crossing my fingers.

It seems that my luck never changes.  Bad luck.  I've spent tons to try and keep my teeth in good shape.  I was take to the dentist once when I was young.  Later in life, I find out my teeth are in terrible shape.  20 years after my first visit as an adult, I find that I may have to get partials.  And, that I have to see someone else on Monday about bone loss or loss of bone density.  It's kind of a shock to find out that I'm either gonna loose my teeth or possibly have all 6 of my root canals redone.  And then try to redo 7 of my many crowns.  At 40, I wasn't having a mid-life crisis but his puts me close.  I was en considering shutting down my fly fishing hobby because I don't have enough patience to approach water in the proper manner or open myself up to me opportunities.  All I know is this . . . I'm getting old, my right calf has atrophied a bit due to an existing knee issue . . . I'm getting flabby but not gaining weight.  I'm unhealthy all the way around.  Yet, I remember my old man going through his mid-life crisis through his early forties.  We had to move my, my sister and her husband moved in, then they had a kid they couldn't raise. . . His hair did start falling out, lol.  Luckily, mine is almost all gone.  I really do think that 50 is the new 40.  I've got a few life changes ahead of me.  How a I going to deal with it?  Yup, clumsily chasing smallies with the same fly and maybe a hopper or two.  At least that'll get me off the couch.  Don't need my teeth for fishing.

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  1. Or, biting through fishing line! They make tools for that stuff. Seriously, Josh, even though it appears you have a whole on your plate with the dental stuff, better to have a plan and get them taken care of over time. Don't ever give up on your health!

    Go catch as Smallie.................................................................................