Monday, September 27, 2010

Is it wrong for me to brag?

Sure, it's not a huge bass. Fly fishing 'round here ain't exactly King Salmon fishing but I'll take it. Especially when I pull this smallmouth bass out of a puddle.

Guess I need to put more text into my blog for Google spiders to crawl - need more relevancy for traffic. The past two years, I have used the Clouser for the better part of my outings. And it has paid off. Chartreuse and white Clousers and Chartreuse and pink Clousers are productive for me. In the past, I have used yellow and brown Clousers too. White Clousers are OK but since I have been fishing dirty water quite a bit the past few years, the chartreuse is obviously more visible.

I still have yet to master landing smallmouth bass on crawdad patterns. I do believe that only bluegills have taken my crawdad patterns.

I finally mastered a creek that once seemed to be distant. For some reason, it was one that I always wanted to hold off on. It was the closest to home. Guess I didn't want to disappoint myself on a stream that seemed popular and seemingly easy.

It is time to pull out the kayak again. The lake should be more comfortable for bass to come out of the cool depths. Got some deer hair popping bugs ready to go. This year, my top fly fishing goal is to catch largemouth bass on popping bugs.

Anyway, glad this year is turning out to not be such a bad year for bass.

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  1. Riverwalker
    Anytime you can land a quality smallmouth is not bragging. Those fish have got to be awesome on the fly. With fall coming on the action should only get better. May I make a suggestion on your font regarding your blog--I am not trying to be ugly here but I am having trouble reading the blue font against the black background--just wanted to mention this and again if you don't want to make a change to another color that is fine. Enjoyed the post.