Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hockey and Smallmouth Bass

Who knew the Arkansas Razorbacks had a hockey team? A team that is pretty darn good too. Brings back memories of street hockey and ice skating. Been watching hockey lately but I sure am looking forwards to warm weather.

I do have some goals for next year, stay under a certain weight, be more successful at fly fishing for bass and watch the Razorbacks play hockey. I wasn't good at ice hockey but I was good at skating. So, I played road hockey. It made me think of how I am a decent fisherman but not awesome all the way around.

I guess fly fishing will be something that will always challenge and frustrate me. Even though I want to go fishing, I am hung up on whether I am worthy of holding a fly rod. I really don't tie flies anymore. I have pushed the limit for tying up bluegill flies . . . moving more towards smallie flies only.

In a way, I am like the Razorbacks. People wonder how they can field a hockey team and they also wonder at how people can fly fish for something other than trout. At least the uneducated and newbies think that about me.

Just a little bored.


  1. I just recently started following your blog. I am also a bass fly rodder. I fish the Spring, Norfork/White, and Little Red Rivers in AR. I've never fished the Buffalo or Crooked Creek, but would like to this spring. Maybe we can get together for a trip.

  2. I've only fished the Buffalo once myself. Haven't made it over to Crooked Creek. I fish just about anywhere . . . so, we can definitely take a look at going sometime next year. Hope gas prices fall. Ever floated the Kings?

  3. No, haven't tried the Kings River yet. I have several kayaks that I fish from. My trouble with floating a river is arranging a shuttle service. All of the AR canoe outfitters seem to want to charge you nearly as much to shuttle you in your own boat as using one of theirs. Maybe we can help each other out with that one. I'll keep in touch with you. Stop by my blog sometime: naturalistsangle.blogspot.com