Monday, September 9, 2013

Foam Hoppers - smallmouth and panfish foam flies.

I follow Kevin at Fly Waters Edge. I was hoping to link the instructions to his Diablo Hopper but the site is down.  This is my version. Kevin made a foam skirt with wings that encompasses the abdomen from side to side. I'm not sure about my indicator though. Bryan has a few photos at  I'm sure something will hit it.  I do well on custom hoppers and especially those that are large.

I copied this pattern from an image I saved from some website months ago.  This has legs and I love legs.  I took photos while tying this pattern.  Well, until about half way but I'm planning on posting instructions.

Here's a nice smallmouth bass I caught on a custom pattern.  This was a good one.  The wings didn't stay on though.

Here's another smallie caught on one of my foam hoppers.  A few years ago, I was using the King Kong fly pattern I purchased from  The hook was probably a 4.  I can't be sure but the hook wasn't big enough - or, so I thought.  I think the body was large and mushy and somehow, it interfered with the hook set.  Time after time, I would watch smallmouth bass take the fly down to the bottom and release it.  Perhaps, three sets of elk hair wings are a bit much, I don't know but once I made the foam body larger and got rid of the mushy elk hair, the pigs were gettin' stuck.  I tie my foam flies large and use size 4 or larger hooks.

Once the heat dies down, I'm gonna be throwing some hoppers at smallmouth and panfish.  Can't wait to post a few more pics.

Tight lines.


  1. Absolutely a big fan of foam patterns when it comes to fishing on the surface for Bluegill, Bass, etc.

    I don't think the elk hair or other wing materials are really necessary. The fish just want to smack them!

    1. I had another person tell me the same thing about hair. Sometimes I do wings. Just depends. I generally don't like working with hair for wings but feathers and other materials instead.

  2. Thanks for sharing your fly tying insight, and, thanks for the follow over on my blog. Appreciate the support!