Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mayan Cichlid - Panfish on the Fly.

This Mayan Cichlid was caught by Rick Ortiz on a TFO Clouser rod - posted at Panfish on the Fly.  I love the feel of the Clouser rod.  Yes, I have held several but for some reason am stuck throwing flies on my GLoomis.  One day, she will be mine.  The cichlid is also one of my favorite warm water specie of fish.  I have never caught one.  I absolutely love it when others post photos of cichlids.  I have thrown a few flies out on the Gaudalupe but never landed a cichlid. is a page I set up to promote fly fishing for panfish and warm water fly fishing.  However, it seems that I am stuck chasing smallmouth bass on one or two fly patterns.  I am hoping to get back into the panfish next season.  Several of my usual spots which are usually filled with bass and panfish have become filled with gravel or brush and cover swept away due to heavy flooding this year. I spent a lot of time scouting new places much of which does hold rock bass.  Another 2 locations filled with goggleye and warmouth are now inaccessible.

Most of my blog traffic are folks who enjoy fly fishing for panfish . . . not smallmouth.  The more I post about smallmouth, the less traffic my blogs receives.  I posted a page about foam flies for bass and panfish a few months ago which has become one of my most viewed posts.  Then I began posting about smallmouth again and blog traffic died.

Those smallmouth bass have led me astray!  So, back to tying panfish flies during the winter months!

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  1. Never seen a fish like this before. Thanks for the introduction to this warm water species. The Fish is a handsome one. Do they fish similar to fishing for Bluegill? My blog focus has also been on warm water fishing and I am enjoying the interaction with you and others. BTW, responded to your comment on my last post, and, put up a "picture link" to your blog. Let's share some readership!