Saturday, April 19, 2014

Enjoying the weather.

It's been warm.  Why not enjoy it?  It was 74 F today but water temps are still around 60 - 65 and my toes were stiff.

I've got a custom made glass rod coming in from Average Joe's Fishing Poles.  I'm so excited.  It's my new panfish rod.

Note that Panfish on the Fly has been written on the fly rod.  I may actually stop chasing smallmouth bass for a little bit.  I will be doing a review on the rod.  Hopefully, it will be after I catch a bunch of bluegills in May.  

I've also been preparing panfish poppers for some folks.


  1. Sure seems like you are taking good advantage of all the spare time you have. Again, that is a nice fish! I was aware and have seen a picture of your new glass rod being built for you. I am totally envious of this and can't wait to hear what your review has to say. Average Joe makes some beautiful "Poles". Fish on, my friend!

  2. If you haven't fished glass before, you're going to love it. I'm waiting for the review.

  3. Dude that looks like a sweet rod!

    1. Thanks! 6'6" 3 piece, 3 wgt. I haven't casted glass in about 20+ years.

  4. Love that goggle-eye pic! Talk about some killer camoflouge , if you laid him down on the river bottom I don't think you'd ever see the fish...

  5. thanks for responding on your blog. i may use my full sink on the 8 wgt. but i prefer to use it for lakes. i accidentally gave away my 5 wgt. sinking tip. in forgetting that i have another 5 wgt. reel for more line, i bought a sinking leader to try out.