Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ten years later.

While I almost never share where I go fishing, I don't think this photo will ruin the stream.  For a Monday - and probably because is the week of Thanksgiving, this area was pretty full of fisherman.  Just the thing I avoid when fishing - people.  It's been ten years since I chased trout.

Despite being packed in like sardines, I did get to speak with the guy next to me off and on over a few hours.  While I did have some nice ones on the line, I managed to land three nice ones.  Dad put on a show.  He landed a number of them.  Figures.

I drifted a set up I'm not used to - drifting and egg with a sow bug or soft hackle tethered and small split shot.  It was effective.  But I switched to a bugger and landed one more before heading home.

Guess I'll be heading back.  While the island was productive and packed, I may hit up the Swinging Bridge with some streamers next time.  While the 4 wgt. CGt was fun, I may take a heavier rod.  Struggled with a few big Browns while drifting in swift riffles.


  1. That's the worst thing about our Ozark tailwaters...the crowds. Still looks like a much better time than I had at work on Monday , glad to hear you guys stuck some nice fish. I'm guessing it will thin out a bit after this holiday week gets over.

  2. Keep getting out there trout fishing Josh and have a great holiday! By the way, you tie some amazing flies!