Thursday, December 25, 2014

Cabela's CGR Review

While I only made one trip out with my new Cabela's CGR, I got a pretty good feel for the rod.  This year is the first time since I first began fly fishing ages ago that I've used glass rods.  I really enjoy casting the rod.  While I do think Cabela's CGt casts like butter, I do think that 5 weight line on the 5/6 rod was adequate.  

The only issue I ran into was rod control - using a 7'6" instead of a 9' or 8'6" for trout fishing.  Also, glass is going to have more action than a graphite rod but when fighting 14"+ brown trout in swift water, the 5/6 didn't handle those fish as well as I would've preferred.  I did have to play a few and my dad had a hand in netting them.  But it was barbless and catch and release, so . . . you're gonna lose a few.  

However, I do believe the 7/8 Cabela's CGR would be the way to go in being able to play and sufficiently landing decent sized trout.  Today, I bought the 7/8 CGR for specifically handling spunky trout and smallmouth bass - and possibly for better casting on heavy streamers.   This rod is also 7'6" and both have fighting butts.   Did use the butt on the 5/6 but didn't land my biggest brown trout of the day.

Obviously, my review of the Cabela's CGR 7/8 weight rod will be coming later.  A few weeks ago, I matched a Lamson Konic with the CGR 5/6 but will probably be using the Martin 66 click and pawl for next year's #clickordie.  And, I'm most likely going to match my very first fly reel - the Rimfly click and pawl to the CGR 7/8.

I plan on landing a few more trout before focusing on my prep for smallmouth bass.  Dad wants me to take him out for a few Smallies.  Since losing several honey holes, I've got to continue scouting some new waters.


  1. Thanks, Josh, for your review. I am just getting into all the glass stuff I can find at a Senior Citizen fund level. These CGR's definitely fit in that range. I will look into the 7/8 soon as I get a chance, too. I think I would like that for throwing Buggers, Streamers, Leeches etc on the ponds and stream in my area.

    1. Don't forget the Eagle Claw Featherlight.

  2. Even though I've fished strictly glass for several years, I don't consider myself an expert. But I have found that it takes some time to get your stroke back when switching to glass or going back and forth between glass and graphite. I've read some pretty good reviews at, you might want to give them a read.