Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flip Flop Popping Bug for Bluegill and Bass

This is the first time I will have tied this popping bug for bluegill and I think it would be effective for bass too. I got this fly in a fly swap. It was cut out of a flip flop with scissors. I will be selling these on ebay shortly - along with some other popping bug patterns that I took out of my flip flop with copper tubing.

This is a piece of flip flop. I think some folks hammer them out with tubing or use Dremmel Tools - I do believe this wedge was cut out with scissors. Recycled bluegill popper bodies!!!!

STEP 1 - Tie in body at slim end - this is a quad or penta cut body WEDGE - try to think cone.

STEP 2 - Tie in hackle - tie it into foam and up to crease of foam body tie in.

STEP 3 - After wrapping hackle - pull foam body forward and tie down = make some semi-loose wraps and pull thread tight.

STEP 4 - Tie in legs - place some on one side and wrap. Repeat on other side - pull tight but not too tight.

Step 5 - Half hitches - tie it off.


  1. How did this pattern work for you?

  2. I too have made poppers out of sandals. I just used a hollow punch to knock out the cylinders, put a slice in the bottom for the hook, added marabou or feathers, and added flash and colour with glitter nail polish. Rules for nail polish - it must be purchased at the same dollar store where you get the sandals. Not that I'm cheap ar anything...Can't remember where I found this idea, but I know I can't take the credit for it.