Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recycled foam popping bugs "FLIP FLOP BUGS" - Bluegill fly pattern

This is the first time that I have made flip flop popper bodies. I found a copper tube in a pen that my wife threw out. I smashed it to bits this morning while making the bodies. These are a bit crude but effective - I am sure.

STEP 1 - Use a copper tube or PVC or something that will cut holes into flip flops.
STEP 2 - Put a hole in the body with a bodkin or something similar.
STEP 3 - Push onto hook shank - I use Zap-a-Gap to keep to keep the body in place. Put some adhesive on the shank and move the body back and forth a bit to get some inside of the body. Let it dry a bit.

STEP 3 - Tie in tail feathers and hackle.

STEP 4 - IF THE BODY IS LARGE ENOUGH - put a hole through the body with the Threader or bodkin and pull the legs through. BE GENTLE.

I am sure this is effective. After all, it's a popping bug!!!

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  1. Where'd you go? Let's go fishing some time. The Illinois?