Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crappie on the Fly . . . again. Fly fishing for Crappie.

Landed about 15 or so crappie today. Brought in a number of bluegills and sunfish too. No bass though. But after a lovely day like this, I could care less. Went out to a local pond. About 4 people fishing - and nobody landing anything.

I fished slow. The fly I started with was a custom fly - a fly that is now gone. I took it from the Yellow & Black pattern found in Tom Nixon's Fly Fishing and Fly Tying for Bass and Panfish. I put my own spin on it - pheasant tippet for the tail, light yellow thin chenille and no hackle.

The fish tore it up. At first, I was bringing in small fish from around the mud line. I decided to fish slower - a lot slower. I started landing crappie and larger bream.

I began casting out about 30 feet or so. The larger fish were in deeper water and were hitting the fly about 12 or 15 feet out. Then I lost the fly on a wicked back cast.

Switched to a small nymph pattern that I received in a fly swap (shown above). I was stripping my fly in really slow - REALLY SLOW. I was making long draws on my line. Got a lot of soft strikes - which I knew were crappie. It wouldn't sink but an inch or so. A crappie came up and took it from the surface - took him a couple of swirls before sucking it in.

Decided to move to a pattern that would go deeper. I tied on a Crappie Killer (yellow fly shown above). I still stripped the fly in VERY SLOWLY. Kept on getting hits from crappie. Most of them were coming out of the same spot. I never left my position on the bank the whole time I was fishing.

I was still getting soft strikes but landing crappie too. I lost my Crappie Killer. Switched to the green fly (shown above). I landed just a couple more before calling it a day.

I was happy with the amount of fish and the fact I was landing crappie. Most of the crappie weren't keepers but I didn't care. I love fly fishing for crappie.


  1. Boy
    Have you got me fired up! I have never caught a crappie on the fly. I knew I would learn more by blogging. I have got to try this on our local lake. Is there any way you could you re-tie the fly you lost and post an image.I would like to see that pattern. Great Post!

  2. if i can dig all the stuff out of my attic again, i will be retying it.

  3. Thanks I would love to see the fly. I would even be willing to buy some from you. I will be keeping a check on your blog.