Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fly swap!!!! Hosting a swap. Warm water fly swap.

I am hosting my first blog fly swap. You don't have to be on Blogger or sign up with an account. You can be just a reader or whomever.  I've hosted before on flytying forum and Yahoo groups and MSN. This is for anyone interested. First timers or novices. FOAM flies only . . . or mostly foam. This swap is for 12 folks. The first 11 folks who notify me will be signed up along with me as the swapmeister.

Here are the instructions.
1. Tie one dozen of a mostly foam fly - custom or traditional.
2. You must tie 12 flies to swap with other tyers.
 3. If you can, tag them with your name or online ID or email so that other tiers know who made them.
4. Send return postage so I can send your new flies back to you.
5. Send them to an address I give you when you sign up.
6. When signing up, if possible, let me know the name of your fly.

My email is

I will take photos of all the flies and list them on my blog with your ID. I now have to think of a pattern myself.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Josh
    Sorry don't have any flies to swap, becasue I don't tie flies as you know. I will be trying some of your foam poppers tomorrow. I will let you know how they perform. Thanks for order on the poppers.