Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fly fishing for fun.

I've had a poor to mediocre beginning to my fly fishing hobby this year. Sure, I've caught a couple of really large bteam and some small to medium size bass but I was expecting more. Last year, I was spoiled. I hit the bass well - every weekend, I was landing decent number of spots and am smallies.

Sometimes while I'm fishing, I do get stressed or worked up. Yesterday was different. Instead of wading, I took the kayak out. I caught a few fish, watched from my kayak as some jets take off and landed. It was a bit windy but nice and sunny. I left the lake relaxed and satisfied. Sure, the fish were small and the wind blew me around the lake but it was somehow pleasurable as I basked in the sun.

My priorities have changed a bit this year. It's probably the gas prices but I'm not planning in running to Missouri and fish two days a week. I've been doing some painting and spring cleaning, bought a new riding mower and have been hanging off with the family on the weekends. I've been hunting new food joints and coffee houses, perusing new coffee blends and even cutting back on the calories.

I may be a bit burnt out on fishing but it may be a good thing.


  1. I caught this on an earlier trip.

  2. I need a day like this. My recent trips have been kind of draining.