Sunday, April 1, 2012

Betts poppers - bass and panfish

It's been a while since I hit a pond. Shoot, I guess it's been about a year. And much as I fly fish streams, it was almost foreign to fish that pond. I have driven pay this pond hundreds of times but not thought much about it.

I hit the water at day break. The bass and bluegills were pretty active around the banks for about 10 minutes or so but then it died.

I caught several bass and about 10 decent size bluegills on a Betts popper. I fished for about an hour just walking the bank and working the water slowly.  The bass seemed to slash at the fly a bit. So, I'm gonna head back to catch then another time. There's a creek that flows into the large pond. I had to cast out past the mud line at the mouth of the creek about 15 feet from the bank and worked the fly in slowly. Those large bream tugged at it hard.

The sun came up and the fish went into hiding. The fish are in some pretty warm water. Those fish were warm to the touch, the water is dirty and it's terribly unseasonably warm. Sure, I tie up my own flies but for some reason, Betts peppers ate my go to fly. Today, I was going slow. Those bass don't seem to be in full effect. For the most part, I stripped the fly in slowly. And that's after counting to ten after the fly hit the water. Since there was an abundance of brush, I couldn't access as much water as I would've liked. I'm gonna take out the kayak next time. With gas prices going up, I'm gonna fish closer to home. I'm not landing big fish but I am enjoying myself. Feels good to have warm weather early this year. It's gonna be 85 degrees today. up

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  1. Josh
    The action for the bass and gills will heat up even more near the full moon. It is getting close to full in the next couple of day. Right now it is at 77%. Good Post!