Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bedding bass - Clousers and Bass Bugs

I went out for some bass action yesterday at a new location I found week before last. Last weekend, I didn't do too bad at this pond - just a few bass and some decent size bluegills. Last week, I used a Betts popper but decided to use a larger custom tied foam bass bug to cause more chugs and gurgles in the hopes of landing larger bass.

Rare is it that I fish ponds and lakes. I am more accustomed to fishing streams. So, call me a newb to fishing ponds (which I have done quite a bit) but am still picking up on new strategies. Yesterday the weather was quite blustery, so I spent more time with the paddle than the rod. (I was in my kayak).

However, I did something that to which I may have not previously paid attention. I began the day with a bass bug. Just as last week, the bass were on their beds (earlier than usual due to warmer weather) and were slashing and swirling at my fly. As the wind pushed my kayak along the bank, I bass bugged along the bank. And those bass were getting ticked off but not enough to chomp down on my foam bass bug.

I knew that more than likely, the bass were going to be on their beds. BUT, top water action is my preferred mode of fly fishing. So, after giving the ol' bass bug a try, I tied on a Clouser. Usually, I used sinking line to get down to the bass and crappie. However, this time, I used floating line as to use jigging action over the bass beds. I floated by the same bank as before and since I knew where the bass where due to having set them up with my bass bug, I hit the same spots with my Clouser. I landed four bass on a chartreuse and white Clouser fly.

If you didn't catch that, I found out where the largemouth bass were sitting due to having used a bass bug they didn't want (they gave away they're position by swirling and slashing at the fly) - and then went back with a streamer and jigged it over the beds with floating line and a weighted fly.

I've got a lot of things to do today around the house and yard. So, I'll have to head out next weekend. Maybe then, I can figure out more about this pond.

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  1. Great suggestion using the clouser minnow ---as a second fly _--I will give this a try