Monday, April 30, 2012

Luziana Popper - Bass Fly and Panfish Fly

Everyone one who follows my blog probably knows I love fishing with foam flies best. Top water action is what I enjoy best about fly fishing. I tied a simple popping bug for bass and panfish. Simple and effective. Don't forget, I love to drift foam flies too.
I fell in love with foam flies about 10 years ago. Lots more interesting patterns were coming on the market and the internet was exploding with groups and message boards with folks who enjoyed tying foam patterns for bass and panfish. I wanted to be creative. I especially wanted a fish to take MY fly. Not some traditional pattern but something that represented me. I get scoffed at from time to time mentioning that I love fly fishing for panfish but I don't care. Those guys can drift their over-priced store flies for under-sized trout at the local dam. ME, gimme me bluegills any day!


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