Thursday, April 12, 2012

Warm water fly fishing - bass bug dryer.

I'm pretty bad about not drying out my flies. But I bought some Booglebugs and want to take care of these things.

Drying flies is important, after all, as to take proper care of your flies. I've put wet flies back in the fly box and had colors run into other flies.

I still have some bass bugs that I've tied up about 9 years ago because I dry them out . . . and they are foam, lol.

Also, if you fish in mossy, algae like or dirty water, it doesn't hurt to rinse your flies out. Don't just leave your fly on the line after your trip. It can make the fly brittle and bacteria will eat away at the fly.

Tight lines!!

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  1. Josh
    Good information here--I hate it when the legs get stuck together on my poppers. By the way who is going to be the next Razorback Coach??