Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Silver and Black Gurglers - Smallmouth - trout - panfish flies

I tied up some more Gurlers!  What a surprise right?  Quelle surprise!  lol.  Silver chenille with a silver and white crystal flash tail - what an attractor!  More Gurlers to come!  After slamming all those fish this past weekend, I'm on a top water roll!


I'm gonna take some Gurglers out this weekend and drift for smallmouth and panfish.  I'm am getting worked up.  Some stormy weather is on the way but I'm gonna squeeze it in somewhere.  Feel free to contact me to purchase foam flies that you see here on this blog or on ebay!!


  1. Is this the same as a Gurgle Bug? My bro says he wants to try some on the northern Utah rivers against cutties, etc. Good looking flies! (Here's me, http://sparetimefish.blogspot.com/).

  2. I think the Gurgle Bug is a bass bug that is similar to a diver but it's body is designed to make bubble and be pulled just under the water.