Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bass bugs don't have to be deer hair.

The past few trips out, I've landed some pretty decent size bass on Betts poppers. Not the larger ones but the smaller ones. I like to use them because If I bass isn't going to hit the fly, I expect a bluegill to slam it. A bass bug doesn't have to be large or a deer hair bug. I'm only saying that because I'm a gear minimalist and like to take all I need in one small fly box. Sure, it helps to stir up the water with a deer hair diver or something large that causes chugs and bubbles. But at the same time, it sucks to lose a deer hair fly that you tied up yourself or a $5 bass bug. You can buy Betts poppers by the package at the store and online for cheaper than a bass bug. So, it doesn't bother me as much to lose a cheap fly. After all, don't bass like cover and nasty places to live and hide?? Plus, some of the places I get into don't leave much room and I break flies on the back cast or up in a tree. To those beginning to fly fish, you don't have to spend big bucks to enjoy the sport. I don't like to spend much on the hobby myself. And as many flies as I lose, I try to tie my own or buy them cheap. Plus, when shopping, Betts are easier to find than other flies - you don't always have to hit the fly shop for them and not every metro area hase a fly shop. Betts are small and light enough that you can cast them with a regular fishing pole and casting bubble. This helps if you are in a real tight place to cast or are using terminal tackle such as rooster tails or plastics. It doesn't just have to be Betts that I am saying you can use but also could be Mepps or other small popping bugs.

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