Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dreamy smallouth bass and a new buddy.

The smallmouth of my dreams got away today.  I would've released it anyway.  I was on the Elk River in Missouri today.  I've been getting skunked lately and figured to hit some better water.  I ran into a guy who was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  He was drenched.  I didn't ask why but we got to talking about that stretch of river.  When I see other people, I usually take off the other direction.  Today, he was already where I wanted to be.  He was catching some bass on a fluke.  I joined him and started landing bass on Elk Hair hoppers and foam popping bugs.  Nothing big.  Mostly 10 -12 inches.  I finally started catching larger stuff that was about 1 pound.  The other guy landed a nice bass about 2 lbs.  I wanted to show this guy what I was capable of with a fly rod.  I switched to a Clouser and landed a big bass - kind of landed it.

I downsized from a smart phone to the prepaid LG420g. It wasn't until today that I took pictures. I found out that even though it has Bluetooth and a USB port, the photos cannot be downloaded. GRRR.

I hooked what may be the biggest bass I have ever had on the rod. It was a smallie that had to have weighed almost 4 lbs. I fought this guy for a while. At one point, he was belly up up. The line had tangled in a fin. As I tried to get a grip on him, he took off again. This time, he was tangled a bit within the fly line and the leader was tightening on the fly line. I tried to reign him in again but it was a mess with the line. I grabbed a hold of the leader, swung him up out of the water to grab his mouth and he flopped out of my grip and once I grabbed the leader and made it tight, the line snapped. She was a beauty.

I was mad because I didn't get a picture but as it turns out, I didn't matter because I can't post it. I'm currently researching forums for info.

It's such a beautiful day!!!!!!!

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  1. Josh
    If I have to lose a nice fish, I would rather not get the fish on in the first place---that could have been the way you was feeling---but you did land bass and that was a plus for the trip. I know it will take you while to get over the loss.