Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bass Fly, Panfish Fly, Trout Fly - whatever fly.

I caught a bunch of smallmouth bass this weekend on this size 4 olive wooly bugger with olive hackle.  I just about forgot the Wooly Bugger.  With new warm water flies coming out all the time and my recent success with the Clouser, the wooly bugger hasn't made it's way into my fly box.  I fish mainly for smallmouth and panfish.  Largemouth and spotted bass make their way into the mix.  I used poppers, Clousers, crawdad patterns and the odd mix of custom foam flies.  As a matter of fact, I have some buggers listed on ebay.

The past few trips out, those smallies have snubbed my Clousers.  I've landed a few on them but I had to find something effective.  So, I tied on a Wooly Bugger which I only had because of some panfish I was targeting the other day.  I know, my pictures aren't the best but I do what I can.  Hey, at least I'm catching fish.

I'm gonna figure out some color combos for the ol' wooly. 

Tight lines!

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