Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wooly Bugger invented for Smallmouth. Bass fly pattern.

I've got 18 more listings of Gurglers and foam flies for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, trout, panfish or which ever fish you like.  I caught this smallmouth on a wooly bugger this weekend.  I'll be listing some on ebay shortly.  I LOVE SMALLMOUTH!  

The wooly bugger was initially designed/invented for smallmouth bass.  I never knew this wonderful bit of information until yesterday.  "When he (Russell Blessing) created the fly in 1967, he wasn’t an avid fly tier like he was in his later years. He actually created it for smallmouth bass. He wanted to create something similar to the Dobsonfly larva. He later added a marabou tail, which created the Woolly Bugger.", Kirk Werner - Fly Rod & Reel.

Awesome isn't it??  I had no idea the wooly bugger was not created until 1967.  I just assumed it had possibly been around as long as the wooly worm.  I'm hoping to get some tying in today.  We've been doing things for the wifey all weekend.  So, I'm hoping to do some daddy things today.


  1. Josh
    Another great tirp with the buggers---I would have thought you was using a 6 wt. to land the samllmouth. I can see in the swift current it would take something a little stiffer. It has been raining here all weekend and I can't wait until Tuesday to go, Monday rain again. Thanks for sharing

  2. Yup. 8 wgt. I don't use my Loomis rods because they seem a bit rigid. I have a solid 5 wgt. that I may use though. Hmmm, thanks for the comment - got me thinking.