Monday, May 7, 2012

Spotted bass fly - green popper.

I just wanted to post this picture.  I caught this bass last August on a fly I bought at Bass Pro Shops.  That fly didn't make it past the afternoon.  It was made cheaply and busted on a back cast.  I've been out fishing the past few days.  It's kind of been the same thing as last year.  I've been catching a lot of small to medium size bass but every now and then I catch a large smallmouth or largemouth.  This year, I have done well on bass.  I need to start taking more pictures.  I landed about 10 nice bass of which I haven't even snapped a picture.  Then there was the other day when I couldn't land those two nice bass because I had to try and dig my camera out.

I'm still selling flies on ebay.  Mostly Gurglers.  I started collecting license plates to put a wall in the garage.  Which means, I can go "Mantiquing".  I've landed a few large bass this year.  Nothing phenomenal but when I read some blogs and see photos of some pretty good size bass, it always makes me wonder if I'm going after those smallmouth and spotted bass in a proper method.

Guess I'll have to post another entry with pics after I've collected my thoughts for the day.

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  1. Josh
    Don't feel alone as far as the bass are concerned, they are doing anything on Smith. It has not been a good spring so far on the lake for the spots or largemouth.