Sunday, September 23, 2012

Smallmouth bass - eh, it's something.

It's been a tough 6 weeks or so.  Last year at this time, I was hammering the smallmouth bass and panfish.  Now, it seems almost dead.  Those bass have been sucking and spitting since the beginning of September.  During July last year, it was dead.  This year, July was pretty active.  Due to the heat, insects, especially hoppers were in good abundance.  Perhaps, bass and panfish have filled up their bellies and are settling down.  But what do I know??  I was catching smallmouth through November last year.

I have found that topwater action is almost non-existent.  Like I said, it seems that the bass may have had their fill of hoppers and insects.   I talked with this guy that fishes the same stream and has noticed that the big pool hasn't been as productive.  We also had noticed the same trends in the stream like where we found bass, etc.  He always uses a fluke - a big one that seems to be as large as the bass he catches.  Finally told him where I park because his wife drops him off and picks him up because he doesn't like walking far.  I think he's in his 60's.  I'm thinking about tying up some white buggers and some silver and chartreuse buggers.  Back in July, those bass were tagging everything.  Some of the deeper fast riffles have slowed down because the water has risen.  

I was catching bass on a new 3 wgt. rod that was recently purchased.  Surprisingly, it's a pretty sturdy rod but then again, maybe I was playing the bass instead of fighting them.  I still need to practice sneaking up on smallmouth from upstream.  Not only that but I do need a more delicate presentation too.


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