Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Buffalo River - Is it in danger?

The issue of a hog farm being built on the Buffalo River watershed has been an issue for months now.  I should've been posting things about it and spreading the news for folks to encourage law makers to keep things like this from happening.  I do think there is a possibility that there will be a negative affect from the hog farm but what is keeping other facilities such as this Cargill farm being located in this watershed again?

Here is a link to some folks voicing their concern and protesting the farm - it's a little too late.

A link to Wikipedia about the Buffalo River.

I think it is important for legislation to be passed to stop hog farms from being built on this watershed again - or any other entity that can somehow be placed near a national waterway.  Surely, law makers would want to protect this stream and the economical impact the Buffalo River has on the state and the negative impact such farms will have on the environment.

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