Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Counting Bluegills - Warm water fly fishing

This year will definitely be a change from last year in that I will be fly fishing on more impoundments than streams.  Seeing as how it is #yearofthebluegill, I feel as if a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders, lol.  Granted, my smallmouth pics don't compare to those of other bloggers but chasing panfish will put me in a place that makes me happy.

I landed several bluegills the other day and am hoping to make it back out this week.  I believe my count is at 4.  I am only counting those that are at least the size of my hand.  I will do my best at identifying these mix breeds of sunfish.

This little dude hit my chartreuse coon hair Clouser.  I hope waters warm up soon.  These cold snaps and rain are keeping me indoors.  I'm gonna do repair on a Boogle Bug.  It seems I broke the top on a back cast.  I've also got an orange Boogle Bug in which the feathers already have to be replaced.  I just bought it last year but the feathers are already gnawed at by mites because I left in in a fly box that wasn't aired out after my last outing.

And it sure won't hurt to land these guys every now and then.  She? slammed my Boogle Bug as I let it rest a bit after casting into some cover.  This bass took it as she jumped out of the water and landed upside down with her yellow belly disappearing into the stream.  I'm starting out with Boogle Bugs because for some reason, they worked best last spring.

I know Cameron at TFM is promoting #yearofthebluegill but I think Bill Trussell has been a big influence on catching those nasty little fighters.  So, tight lines to all of you chasing bluegills this year!


  1. Josh
    Those are some nice gills and a good start to your quest. I hope one of us make it this year to the 100 club. I truly love to land these fighters and with a 3 wt. it makes it a blast. Thanks for sharing

  2. Lovin me some bluegills. Great post