Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prepping for my first bass fishing tournament - fly fishing for largemouth bass.

In preparing for my first fishing tournament, I found out that a measuring instrument had to be purchased.  This is a Catch-and-Release tournament.  Once your bass has been landed, a photo must be taken of the fish laying upon your measuring stick.  At the end of the tournament, your SD card is then given to the judges/coordinators.  Obviously, points are given on length.  All sizes of bass count.

My anchoring is going to be a challenge.  Twine may have to be used at different tie-in points on my kayak for the anchor.  When I have been out and the wind picks up a bit, I may be facing the wind at different angles.  I have had to cut the twine and move the tie-in points as to face my target.  Since I am afraid that twine may not be strong enough and that Beaver Lake will definitely be deeper than other places I used to fishing, rope may have to be used but difficult to cut and tie quickly as to maintain my position on the water.

Due to all our late spring storms, the lake is a lot higher and fishing reports state that fishing is good around flooded timber on the banks.  I was out on War Eagle Creek which was flowing slowly into Beaver Lake.  Since the lake level is pretty high, the creek is backed up and also dirty.  I was fishing chartruese and white flies to little success.  In the dirty water at lakes Bella Vista and Bentonville where there is the beginning of algae blooms and stained water, I had success with black streamers.

Those that read my blog are probably aware that I am burned out on fishing - at least on streams.  I am surprised that at this point, I am still relaxed going into this event.  Chasing fish as I have has come to the point that I have certain expectations.  Well, my expectation for this tournament is to show up and it I catch as fish, great.  I plan on entering several more fishing tournaments and maybe, I might place in the top 3.  At this point, I am glad to join something where I can interact and enjoy the company of people.  Being a stay-at-home parent does become monotonous and challenging.  Especially, when your friends are busy with their families and work.

I've been tying up patterns to fill the box with flies other than panfish and smallmouth flies.  With the decision to close my blog, I almost gave up on fishing for the year.  After a few friends pushed me to stay on my horse, I decided to take my fishing a different direction.  I mean, how many years can you keep chasing smallmouth bass without it becoming tiring.

This is Rouse's Poodle, a trout fly used to chase browns on the White River.  I'm gonna chuck it at bass.

This is also Rouse's Poodle.  I want something that's big and has movement and is weighted.  I will take my full sink line but prefer floating line.

I still need backing and leaders . . . the tournament begins at 7 am and ends at 2 pm.  2 hours have prime  morning fishing are gone by then and the bright sun may be poking it's head out.  There will be scattered showers which means there will be gusts.  This will be a challenging and exciting outing.


  1. Josh
    If you can find some calm water, be sure to cast a bass popper at daylight, and once the sun peaks through, then go to the streamers.

  2. I want to but by the time the tournament begins at 7 am, 2 prime hours of fishing are lost. Gonna be a challenge.

  3. Josh
    Locate shade ---the poppers are still good even at 7AM in the shade

  4. Good luck, that takes guts to enter a tourney. I hope you do well.

    1. Yup, it tooks guts. I almost didn't do it. I'm thinking about hanging in there for the rest of the series.