Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reader input requested.

I'm not sure which direction to take my blog.  In the continual quest for smallmouth bass, I have put panfishing on the back burner.  Hence, part of the reason I am burnt out.  Looking at old photos today, I was reminded of all the things I have accomplished.  It's not like I have to be a fly fisherman.  I've been a bird hunter, coon hunter, deer hunter and a general outdoor enthusiast.  I've bait fished for catfish and thrown lures at bass too.

I've thrown flies at carp but with not much success.  Not sure if I have the patience yet.  Still developing the skill.  But I am thinking of maybe just doing a panfish blog.  So, to you readers out there, what would you guys like to read about on my blog??  More panfish flies?  Smallmouth bass flies?  Maybe a more in-depth look at how I hunt smallies?  I was hoping to post quite a few entries about bluegills.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

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