Sunday, August 16, 2015

One last hoorah for the floaters.

Saturday evening, the floaters, drunks, and campers were out in full force on a section of stream I'm not used to seeing them.  Sometime, the canoe hatch was so thick, I had to back off.  At least I got to talk to a lot of them.  They asked a lot of questions about fly fishing or said if they had any luck with smallmouth earlier.  Surprisingly, I caught a smallmouth about 10 feet where some kids where jumping and splashing.

Caught a few smallmouth bass but nothing big.  Had fun.

Smallmouth are holding tight and are not very opportunistic right now.  I find they start chilling out when overnight temps fall and water temps drop.  They'll start looking to feed on hoppers.  Hoppers haven't come in full force yet.  

Went out today, scoping out new water.  Lost a lovely 14" smallmouth in a Chernobyl but it was still a WIN.  Excited to hit that section of the stream again.

I casted, nymphs, buggers, streamers, terrestrials, you name it.  Soft strikes and Looky-Lou's.

Not happy leaving my comfort zone but I'm hoping it'll pay off.  I just took a job. In a way, this may be my last hoorah for the summer too.

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  1. I'm also waiting for the vacationers to leave the water. I'm really excited that hunting season is getting close...that's when the water really gets empty. Great looking fish, good luck on the new job.