Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Vintage Fiberglass Fly Rod and Smallmouth Bass.

It's been pretty tough chasing these critters.  Over the past five years, I've lost several access points.  I had a tough time hiking into my honey hole.  It's alł grown up.  Seems like there's very little foot or ATV traffic these days.  It's got me a little worried.  I keep telling myself I'll scout new water but it's tough when your comfortable.  Maybe I'll grab a Weed Eater and chop down a quarter mile of brush, lol.

The stream has changed and I'm trying to find Smallmouth bass in spots that haven't been very productive.  Areas that used to be plentiful are missing scads of rock bass and other panfish.  A lot of timber and cover has washed away.  However, I did find success in a large swift pool.  I drifted streamers into the pool from a narrow run.

Unfortunately, most of the shots of this fish didn't take and there was moisture on the lense.  This is actually a nice 14" smallmouth bass.  But as some of ya'll know, I frequqntly take some pretty bad photos.  

After landing 8 bass, I hit several tail-outs and holes and timber.  I maybe caught 2 more and decided it was time to go.  Sometimes, I wonder why I still take the hard road when chasing Smallies.  After all, I could hit the local tailwater or state park for trout.  It would be a lot easier wading and I'd probably catch more.  But after taking out my mid-century vintage 8 1/2 ft. South Bend 3140 with the Japanese made BestMade mid-century click and pawl, I'm reminded of how hard these smallmouth bass hit a fly.

This rod looks to be a 7 weight or possibly am 8 weight.  However, it's more of a 6 weight and the rod does state 6 HCH (double taper) or D line (level line) - old AFTMA line codes.  I asked around and it was suggested to try a 6 WF.  So, I casted 6 WF and 7 WF lines.  The 7 didn't turn over well and was a bit laborious.  The 6 loaded well and was easier to cast out.  The rod performed better than I expected.  It was sensitive and yet could provide adequate control when playing fish in the current and turn over heavy flies in tight quarters.  

I didn't see the numbers as I did last trip but I caught some pretty nice ones this time around.  I got a few serious bends in the ol' rod.


  1. Looks good man!! I'm heading down in the morning to float, undecided which piece of water just yet. Hoping to catch a few smallies on DD's if they are in the right mood.

    1. I've got a few DD's I'll try sometime. Good luck.