Monday, August 30, 2010

Smallmouth Outing - Illinois River #2, 2010

Landed several smallmouth bass on a chartreuse and pink Clouser fly pattern. I only had two of those colored Clousers and lost them both. Landed a few more on chartreuse and white Clousers too. After the overcast skies disappeared, fishing died down. STOPPED.

Academy Sporting Goods had it's grand opening. I went and bought some new leaders and tippet. Excellent selection of flies - panfish and bass flies. I will be making a trip there soon. I lost 8 out of 10 Clousers today.

I drifted in swifter water than usual. I wanted larger fish - figured the bigger ones would be in a faster current or would chase food into a faster current. Didn't land anything very large but had fun anyway.

I began drifting along a fallen tree - a deep hole about 4 feet deep ran alongside. The fish were hitting the Clouser on the swing through - as I drifted the fly, I tried for a longer "tail out".

Fishing is still kinda slow - waiting for temps to drop. About 100 degrees again!!

I also fish a pool which spills into a strainer on the side and also continues to flow west. There are some stumps, logs, etc. in the bottom of this pool. I usually land bass just about anywhere in this pool - except the most swift portion at the top of the pool.

8 wgt. sinking line.

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