Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh bass bug, oh bass bug. Where art thou bass bug?

Somewhere out in Crystal Lake, a bass has my deer hair bass bug. My only bass of the day got away. Tough fishing. Although, I ran into a school of Ozark Bass .

I want to be like these guys you know - those guys that go out and catch bass. I can find bream just about anytime I go out. Why? I'm good at it. If I can just hone my bass fishing skills, then maybe I can land more bass.

I used to say fly fishing for panfish was fun. And . . . it kind of is . . . or used to be. I've got my eye on the prize. It's time to start landing more bass. I love the big tugs on my fly rod. Especially when a big bass jumps out of the water. It's gonna take time out on the water again. Time to learn certain waters again. Time to find new waters too.

It's been a few years since I had a boat. Time to start picking up on things again. I do believe it's the dog days of summer. Fishing should pick up again in a bit.

Time to pull out my bass books again. Maybe it's time to hit my old haunts . . . .

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  1. Fall is just around the corner and that always brings out the better bass. That is when I go to the large popper something that will make a noise and get their attention. Right now like you said is slow and with the surface water temps around 90 it is difficult to get any decent bass to hit on top. Can't wait for cooler temps.