Monday, July 26, 2010

First Black Bass of the year!

Landed on Los Alamos Ant fly pattern - largemouth bass on the fly - took 6 months but I finally landed my first official bass of the year - white bass not included. Today I went the portion of a stream that I never attempted before. I was surprised. Lots of good fish activity.

I spent about 4 hours on the stream. I landed a good number of bream and small bass on the FLEA FLY, LOS ALAMOS ANT, and CRAPPIE KILLER.

I lost the tip guide to my 4 wgt. rod. I lost a spool of tippet and somehow got line tangled tightly around my ankle underwater.

I spotted bass right away. But as it would be my luck and almost always is, small bass hit my Flea Fly. Eventually, I got tired of landed small fish, tried a Clouser to no success and then tied on a size 6 Los Alamos Ant (tied by myself).

I decided to move up to a larger and longer hook to cull out the stupid, small sunfish. I smacked that fly down on the water. Hooked some decent sized bluegills and Ozark Bass too. He had a big mouth on that little body.

I landed my largest fish of the day on a Los Alamos Ant. What an explosion! Kablamo!

Sun burned with sore shoulders (from casting) and finally settled down into fly fishing for the year, ahhhh.


  1. Sumburn is worth it to get land bass like that on the fly. What size ant pattern was you using.