Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bass Fly Pattern - Lead Eye Leach

A few years back, I tied this bass fly pattern as the member of a forum. Just remembered where it was posted. Thought I would share it. I tried to make a weedless pattern that would jig along the bottom for bass. I used this on Lake Swepco once and then sold the others on ebay. lol. The lead eyes are tied "on top" like a Clouser.

Material List: Cross cut bunny strip, lead eyes, 30 lbs. test monofiliament.

Tying Instructions: Tie on eyes, glue with zap-a-Gap. Tie on monofilament on hook leave tip dangling. Tie on tail. continue with same strip as tail. Wrap the strip around tightly. make sure the hair points towards tail. tie off at eyes. Tie on tip of monofilament. Apply cement.

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