Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thinking of giving up fly fishing.

Sure, I have mentioned that I enjoy fly fishing. Especially for bluegills and bass. However, I am so frustrated about not catching any bass this year - well, maybe one - that I am thinking of hanging up my waders permanently.

I went out to two locations yesterday. No bass. Always bream. These bluegills were on their beds and doing the ol' "suck and spit" or "watch the fly". I want bass. Last year was the second best year for bass. 2007 was the best year but I cannot access the Illinois River at that location anymore.

Sure, I haven't maximized my opportunities such as last year but I expect more from myself and the locations I choose. I am so frustrated to see folks landing lots of bass and posting pics.

Where's the bass??? I may switch back to spinning gear again. My ultra-light combo and Yellow Rooster Tails. Something about yellow and fish. Man, what I would do to hit that farm again. It took my friend and I about 5 tries to be successful on the Illinois River. 5 of us went out and caught about 50 bass in 3 days.

Last year, I landed a beautiful smallie. I landed bass everytime I went to the Illinois River. I landed bass in my sleep. Now . . . nothin. I miss landing bass on popping bugs. I miss living on the White River. I miss the bridge being open on War Eagle.

May take a float trip. Still looking for that trip which relaxes me. An outing that makes me feel successful at something else besides the ol' 9-5 family life.


  1. Hey Man, Dont give up! Im not from your area but it sounds like you need to get out of the waders and get yourself a Jon Boat or find some good bass ponds. You will be able to access MORE water this way. Have you tried using any sinking lines and Leach patterns. 90% of fish feeding activity is under the surface. Just a thought! Hope you stick it out

  2. Stay strong man.....do a little more exploring....some king of water craft such as a kayak would open up a whole new world to your bass fly fishing.....I've caught more fish in the last 2 years with my kayak then mt entire life....I'm a small mouth addict.....they are the kings and queens of the rivers.....you can't give up on royalty...good luck