Friday, July 23, 2010

Custom Foam Fly - Popping Bug - Bass

I bought some foam cylinders from Bass Pro Shops. That is what most of this fly consists of. I cut a slit in it - used an old hook from a cork popper body - filled it with Zap-A-Gap and made it weedless.

I tied this bass fly in about 2002. I have two of them actually. Had to do a little repair work on one of them. I used this pattern on a lake that has a lot of lily pads, fallen timber, old fallen fences posts, barb wire, etc. It is bigger than it looks.

Generally, I use this on the edge of the lily pads. Although, when I get brave enough, I do gently pull if over some of the pads.

If a bass misses the bug as I strip it in, I usually let it sit until the bass pops it again - or strip it again to get another reaction.

I vary my retrievals. Sometimes, I pop it a few times and let it sit for about 4 or five seconds and a bass will hit it. I usually go out at dusk - well I used to - until I sold my boat.

Luckily, I've got my kayak. Hoping to hit some lake bass soon. Been concentrating on streams for the past few years.

Simple yet effective pattern. I like to use foam because it's more resilient and giving. I hate putting time into deer hair patterns because they end up in trees or falling apart after a while.

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