Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bass Fly Pattern - Calcasieu Pigboat - Tom Nixon Fly Pattern

I do like tying Calcasieu Pigboats but they do take a while longer than the usual bass fly. I guess it's because I am still mastering the placement of the rubber skirt. If you look closely, I used white and chartreuse skirts.

I think a spinner would help with this pattern. Nothing like a spinner bait for the ol' bass. Funny thing - I have never caught a bass on a pigboat.

It is best to use an 8 wgt. rod when casting this fly. However, I have received small Pigboats in a fly swap which could've been cast with a 5 wgt. rod. Now that I think about it, I did catch some 'gils on a small pigboat.

I think this is an 1/0 or size 2 hook?? Can't remember. I gave all my Pigboats away . . . other than the one I kept from a purchase at Sportsman's Warehouse. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a Pigboat for sale.


  1. I recently saw those Pigboats for sale at Sportsman's Warehouse too... it made me think of Tom Nixon and your blog, because I know you're a fan. It's not a pattern I would have ever expected to see at SW. They have really good prices on flies by the way.

  2. Pigboats are killers, and the rubber shirt is what makes it so good, black is another killer---- the pigboat is like fishing a scale down pig and jig, only with the fly rod----nice job,