Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Hopper Time!!! Bass and Bluegill Bonanza.

Abodonza! Time to feast. There are hundreds of hoppers in my backyard. There weren't very many at all on my last few trips out. Time to tie on a King Kong and slap the water with it! Topwater action is almost as good as pizza and beer . . . or just a nice cold beer after a hot day out fishing.

I am so excited. I keep sticking to ol' reliable, a.k.a. the Clouser. The weather is going to drop to the lower to mid 90's this week. We had a bit of rain Saturday night which make me hope for the best this weekend.

Time to break out the foam patterns, the Chernobyl Ants, the Double Decker Hoppers or whatever sproing-sproing you've got!

I hope these little buggers (lol) stick around for a few more weeks. Once the weather cools down a bit more, I think those dumb ol' bluegills are gonna get hungry.

To me, one of the great highlights of fishing is when that fat bream hits that hopper the instant the fly hits the water - the immediate tug . . . hit after hit after hit.

Time to organize the flies . . . later.

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  1. River
    The hopper has to be one of the hottest flies on top for the gills, go out and land a bunch for me this week.