Saturday, August 6, 2011

Largies, Smallies and coloring.

I found this abandoned chair and grill to hide my phone under. I got into some deep holes and got tired of clenching the phone in my mouth. So, I only go a photo of the first of three bass and some nice bream.

What I find interesting is the color of bass you find on a stream. The first bass was dark but it was a Kentucky. The others were bronze. I do believe these are smallmouth . . . though some of the smallmouth I have caught had the typical striping and brownish color. I have caught light colored largemouth, marbled colored largemouth and the typical largemouth with a nice dark striping down the side.

I guess it's the water quality, perhaps breeding . . . heck, I have no idea really but it's interesting to see what you pull out of the water.

I always question myself when it comes to being a fisherman. When scoping out new waters yesterday, I was excited. After waking up, I figured it would be a waste of time to head out up north - so, I hit a local stream. Although, it was a portion of the stream I had never been wading.

I fished three hours and caught 3 bass and several bream. I figure that's pretty darn good. I have to thank Bill Trussell's post on the Rock Wall and fishing during this heat wave. Heck, it never dropped below 85 last night.

I guess you could call me a decent fisherman but when I see folks blogging about all those fish and showing nice photos, it makes me question myself. It hasn't been until recently that I can go out and catch bass almost every trip. I have been fly fishing for a very long time but used to go home frustrated quite often.

After reading, practicing, tying, trying out different patterns, learning how to drift, casting etc., I eventually became more improved and maybe eventually more satisfied.

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  1. Riverwalker
    Landing those bass on a hot and humid day is quite accomplishment. I have learned over the years with the fly that as I stated in my post that in the hot summer the daybreak is the killer time to get hits especially on top. I have also learned that one never stops learning when it comes to fishing. I find myself sometimes questioning weather or not I am as good as that guy down the stream or up the river from me, but what it all boils down to believes in yourself and knowing you are going to get the next hit any minute. That is what keeps guys like us pursuing that trout, bass, bluegill, and other species.