Sunday, February 26, 2012

Foam flies for sale bass panfish trout.

Got a great hopper for sale.  You can drift it or chug it.  I designed the face so that it causes a lot of drag when pulled.  Great for bluegills, smallmouth and you know it's gonna be killer for trout when it's hopper time.  Email me or visit this link to buy it.  You can by singles or however many through my email . . . or three at ebay. I always send an extra fly or two.


  1. Josh
    When you mail my 1/2 dozen throw in one of these poppers also. Let me know the additional cost. By the way I like the new header image for the blog. Thanks Bill

  2. Shoot, I know I said it was going to be at least a week but I sat down and made them yesterday and put them in the mail. I think I've got an extra stamp. This fly is a tad bit more intricate . . . eh, $1.50.