Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dang Purists - fly fishing is for fun and not for idiots with money.

Today, I had someone disrespect me.  This person questioned why I tied feathers on a foam fly.  And this person mentioned he was a Purist and doesn't see the point much less sell flies like I do.  The following was my feedback.  I don't think he intended to tick me off but it's that whole Purist attitude that I dislike.

"The way i see it is that a fly is a fly. It can be tied however an individual prefers. Sure some of the bells and whistles added to a fly don't necessarily aid in catching fish more than fly fisherman. However, I have deccided to stay away from fly fishing clubs or tying clubs because of the elitism that has evolved with fly fishing. My grandfather helped establish the Texarkana hunting club. It was some good ol' boys at first. Now it's a bunch of money grubbers who don't know how to hunt and brag about being in a hunting club. When I started fly fishing, there were no clubs where I grew up in British Columbia. After that stupid movie with Brad Pitt, fly fishing exploded and those stupid TU clubs and local groups. Then the elitists started throwing around their high dollar gear and bragging about being a fly fisher even though a bait fisherman down the stream could load up on fish in 30 minutes what it would take the other all week.

So, I say this . . . a fly is a fly and a fish is a fish. To each his own. I catch a ton of small to medium smallmouth. Yet my friends say it's not a bass unless it's a 3 lbs. largemouth. They rarely catch fish. Yet, I enjoy myself and have been able to transition from fishing for lake trout in Canada to drifting for smallmouth in Ozark streams with homemade custom tied flies. You can step into the stream next to me with your Orvis outfit but that high dollar attitude and the purist BS better have been left on the bank."

I like to keep fly fishing simple.  It doesn't have to be complicated.  Think outside the box.  Don't limit yourself by going along with all the other fisherman.  

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  1. Josh
    Keep doing your thing and don't let airheads get to you. Give me a 2 smallmouth on the fly rod anyday as opposed to a 6 lb largemouth on a casting rod.