Friday, June 22, 2012

Popping Bugs - Bluegills and Smallmouth Bass

I've been tying up some flies today.  Figured it would be best to make some panfish flies.  I've loaded up on smallmouth flies and it's time to load up on those lovely little poppers.  This year, I have caught some of the largest panfish of my "career" just by drifting for smallmouth bass.  I've even had to fight them off just to try and fish for smallies.

We finally got some rain yesterday.  I'm gonna go out one last time until August.  I may hit Texas River Country for some Guadalupe Bass but all the guides are booked.  With the heat bearing down on us and some of my favorite tributary waters dwindling, I'm gonna use this time to make more flies for the fall.  I've already run into some large hoppers this morning as I rode the "weedmower".  

Foam flies are the best!  One reason I like to used foam body popping bugs is because they seem to last longer.  They definitely won't split or break on a backcast or if you hit a stump or tree.  

Sometimes I get tired of catching panfish and just want bass.  It used to be that I never tired of catching nice size panfish.  However, I may be spoiled.  I've been hitting good bass waters and it seems that I never get skunked by the smallmouth  bass.  I try to use larger flies but even they get hammered by fat bream.  

One thing to remember, if you go out just for panfish, use a decent size popping bug.  It will help to keep the small ones of your line.

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