Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Smallmouth Bass can be indicator of healthy stream.

I caught this bass sometime since last year.  The stream this hefty gal lives in is pretty healthy.  I know this because of the healthy smallmouth bass population.  How can we help maintain a healthy environment??  What may we be doing to unintentionally harm it??

For Residents

Learn what pollutants are commonly found on our streets and how to prevent them for entering the storm drains. Also learn what to do with used motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze, cleaning agents, pesticides and paint.

For Businesses

Business owners have a responsibility for all pollutants leaving their property, including contaminated stormwater. This section provides guidelines for you and your employees can do to prevent pollutants from getting into the streets and storm drains.

For Construction Sites

As stormwater flows over a construction site, it picks up pollutants that are transported into drainage system. In addition, uncontrolled erosion can have a significant financial impact on a construction project. This section will help you determine if you need a stormwater discharge permit or other permits for your construction activity.

Scoop the Poop

Calling all dog owners!!! The City of Boston’s dog fouling ordinance, also called the Pooper Scooper Law, requires that dog owners remove and properly dispose of dog feces. Learn why it is important to be a responsible dog owner.
Remember, dumping any material into the storm drains is illegal with fines.

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