Sunday, July 22, 2012

Enjoying the day out - fly fishing or spin rod.

I'll show some photos of fish that I recently caught but with waters getting lower and me not floating to deeper waters, all I've got is some small fish.  That's OK because I am going to enjoy my outings.  As I've been posting about how I enjoy wading small streams.  I've been watching YouTube videos about creek fishing.  There are a specific set of videos from some guys in Ohio fishing creeks.  They catch small to medium bass with a few nice large ones thrown in here and there.  These guys use ultra-lights to land bass, bream and catfish.  They don't wear fancy attire or use high dollar equipment.  These young men are excited and proud of their fish no matter what is reeled in. I have developed an attitude of enjoying the day out.  It took years but my I changed my approach to my outings.

Folks who were watching those YouTube videos of those guys fishing creeks were posting comments about how they weren't catching real fish because of the bass were mostly small.  You never know what size fish you may find in a small stream.  I have become enthusiastic when landing my fish.  For years, I waded local streams, even those that are widely popular and known to have good populations of smallmouth and other species of fish.  I finally found a stretch of water that I can call my own.  Not to mention, I have honed my fly fishing skills and become more patience and educated about streams.  

If I go out to the stream expecting to catch a lot of fish, I'm gonna be tense.  I have got to go in expecting to have a positive day no matter what because each outing is a learning experience.  In watching these videos on YouTube, these guys wade different streams with success.  Earlier in the year, I hit different waters but settled in on my honey hole.  I have got to get out of my comfort zone and that will be the true test of my change in positive attitude, lol.

Sometimes, in pursuing fish, I forget that it's not a measure of who I am or provide security of manhood within my circle of friends.  I used to try and impress my father but don't care too much anymore about it.  He knows I'm good.  I know I'm good - I mean, how many pics can I put on Facebook!

You don't need a big stream with big fish to enjoy yourself.  Part of the enjoyment of the outing is exploration.  There are usually lots of small local streams nearby.  Why not step into a creek and see what happens.

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