Saturday, July 14, 2012

Small streams - drought and low water.

It's not a great picture but it's a good bass.  I'm wondering if anyone out there knows or has any info on tagging fish.  The fish I've been catching in MO have a silver marking on the top edge of the gill - if you look closely.  It seems natural.  Not all of them have that spot.  The smallmouth I've been landing in AR don't seem to have that marking.  MDC tags fish with an actual tag that can be removed and turned in for cash.

I caught this guy last week in the heat of 90 degrees at about 8:45 pm.  The stream is running low and I'm gonna leave the fish alone until we get some rain.  I saw a picture in the paper of War Eagle Creek near the mill.  I didn't recognize it at first because the stream was so low.  It's a trickle but I know that fishing can be good at certain points when water is low.

You can take advantage of fish not being able to find cover or hide in hole and riffles.  You will need to be stealthy.  I like to take advantage of small streams or when larger streams or rivers become low.  This is because I can see the fish and the bottom of the stream.  I can also see how the cover looks below the water line.

I'm not a fan of big streams because I can't necessarily sight fish.  I don't like casting into really deep riffles as I float by and hope a fish lies within them.  Sure, you can learn the nuances of a large stream or river but my preference is wading.  I have fished in the Illinois River but never with great success.  I can fish small streams and pull decent numbers of fish.

Hope we get more rain soon!

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  1. Josh
    Hope you get some rain there soon, it has been raining here everyday for the past week. The humidity is so thick that it brings up huge clouds everyday and downpours. Wish you guys could get some this rain. Thanks for sharing