Monday, February 6, 2017

Fly Tying Instructions - Brown Evazote Hopper

So, here's another lovely hopper pattern.  This pattern is similar to my "Juicy Foam Fly" (yes, i know - not the best name but it catches fish) - so, I am certain this will be productive for you.  I have caught a few Bluegills and Pumpkin Seeds on this hopper.


  • River Road Creations Chernobyl Cutter - OR - a pair of scissors.
  • size 8 hook - I use the 2XL dry fly hooks from Cabela's
  • EVAZOTE foam
  • 2 mm foam
  • Rubber legs
  • Antron yarn
  • Zap-a-Gap
  • Marker or stick-on eyes

1. Cut out Evazote foam with cutter or scissors.

2. Cut a slit with razorblade or scissors.  Make sure not to cut up to far - you may need to stage your foam along the shank to gauge length of cut.  As you can see, you will need to put adhesive along the shank.

3. Lay down several layers of thread.  With 1mm or so of foam sticking out over the bend of the hook, secure body at the point of the hook.

4. Wind thread near front of hook.  Bend back the head and make a wrap to gauge head and to softly mark with thread the placement of the wing.

5. Let the head unravel and make several wraps at the point you gauged your head to be secured at a later time.

6. OPTIONAL - Tie in yarn.  Make sure you have enough to reach the butt of the fly when folded back.

7. DO THIS IF YOU ARE NOT USING A YARN WING.  From the 2mm foam, use the cutter to make a wing.

8. With 2 mm of foam pointing over the "tie-in" point for your body (step 3) secure wing with several wraps.  Trim wing.

9. Form head and secure with several wraps.

10.  Secure legs - top set of legs should be a little shorter then the bottom set.

11. Make several half-hitches around body and legs.  Or, wind thread back to shank and make several whip finishes.

12. Put adhesive along the slit and thread wraps.

13.  Put on the eyes.
14. FISH

Let me know if you have any questions.



  1. Question, Josh. Do you use both the Antron and Foam for a wing or is it tyer's choice? Appreciate you taking the time to post this pattern. Like a Fly Tyin' Scientist I am off to my lab...........

  2. Both or just the foam. Thanks for reading.