Saturday, February 4, 2017

Video - creek fishing for Smallies.

Over the past week, I have viewed this video several times.  I enjoy this video because I can relate to it.  They are just creek fishing.  It's not like they are fishing a crowded trout fishery for pellet heads or "native browns".  These guys are just enjoying each other's company and have a good time on the creek - and they can appreciate they won't be catching trophies or native Brookies.  The waters I fish tend to hold some larger Smallies and panfish but I used to fish the heck out of creeks like this one.  This video makes me remember all the times I used to curse at the water and wish for better fishing - when in fact, I had some great times fishing on those criks - and still do.

These guys have a few other good videos to watch such as drifting for trout on a local stream for Brookies.

Tight Lines - Josh


  1. Josh, thanks for sharing this video. Very comfortable watching them work the active fish in the creek. What fun is all about!